Can I make changes to meal plans?

Yes - depending on the plan you're following, you can swap and remove meals as you need, or even add them.

If you're following one of our Dietitian Designed Meal Plans, once you select how many people you're needing to feed, how many days and other essential information, you'll see an "edit" button to select a new meal as you see fit.

If you're selecting one of our Chef's Choice Bundles, you'll just need to remove the item you don't need from your cart and add the one you're wanting. 

The total cost is calculated at the check out, and you won't be paying more just for swapping. With the exception of some meals, we try and price everything pretty consistently.

You can also make your own favourite bundle by making an order with all of your favourites. To reorder what you had in future, just log into your account, click on your past order number & hit the “Add order to Cart” button. Then add or remove items or head straight to the checkout! Please note that you need to have created an account for this option to be available.