Can I purchase your products as a gift for someone, or send a gift voucher?

Firstly, what a great friend you are! The best option would be to purchase one of our gift vouchers, as this allows the person to peruse our meals and choose what suits them best.

You can purchase a gift voucher valued from $50 to $500 here - you'll just need the email address of the lucky person you're sending it to. You also get the option to leave them a lovely note.

If you're wanting to select a bunch of meals to send over without going through the gift voucher, you can just make the delivery address the address of the lucky recipient. It's a good idea to give the contact details of whom we're delivering it to so they get the tracking information, and can make sure they're home for the order.

Unfortunately, our team aren't able to write personalised notes, so it's a good idea to give them the heads up that you're sending an order their way!