Has the price of your meals changed?

We make the best ready meals. It’s an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do right. While we're dedicated to providing you with the best value meals, we also have strong company values, and occasionally we need to update our prices.

Our chefs prepared our meals using fresh, ethically sourced ingredients from local Aussie farmers. We use the highest quality free-range chicken and pork, grass-fed beef and lamb, or sustainably fished seafood. From time to time, the cost of these ingredients will increase, but we will always pack the best quality ingredients in each meal.

We want you to feel healthier and happier when you enjoy our nutritious meals. All our meals are dietitian and nutritionist-approved and designed to be complete and balanced, so we will never reduce the amount of food in each meal and give you less than you need.

We don't believe in passing costs on to the planet. Keeping Australia beautiful is at the forefront of our minds. We operate out of a 100% carbon neutral kitchen, prioritise low food miles, minimise waste by cooking to order, and use Halo Packs made from recycled cardboard, reducing our plastic consumption by 92%!

What we value most is you. We will never sacrifice the quality of our products or our service if it means delivering you with less.