What's the deal with the cooling gel pack?

Whilst we transport your food under refrigerated conditions to ensure it arrives fresh, our cooling gel packs are packed at the top of the delivery carton to ensure your food remains at a safe temperature.

We have performed extensive testing on our gel packs, and the items in your delivery will remain cold for up to three hours, or overnight if you've selected an overnight time slot for your delivery.

The cooling gel packs are frozen as we keep them in the freezer, but as your food is transported in refrigerated conditions, the consistency will be gel-like rather than frozen.

Our drivers will endeavour to leave your order in a safe location out of direct sunlight where possible - and while we make every effort to ensure your food is safe, it is ultimately your responsibility once it's been delivered - so please ensure to bring your order inside and put your meals in the fridge once delivered.

Also, you can reuse the gel packs if you like - just put them in the freezer and be sure not to pierce them. To get rid of them, pierce the satchel and drain the contents down the sink - it's essentially just salty water. The soft plastics can be recycled how you normally recycle your soft plastics.