What do I have to pay with my NDIS subsidised meals?

The NDIS will subsidise 75% of the total meal cost - so you'll only need to pay 25% of the total amount.

How you pay depends on how you're managed. For most NDIS customers, we'll set you up with a unique discount code that you can use to order with us - you'll only need to pay your co-payment (25%) and we'll take care of the rest by invoicing your plan manager or the NDIS.

If you're a self-managed participant, you'll need to pay the full amount. We'll send you an invoice seven days after your delivery date which you can use to claim the 75% back from the NDIS.

Please note, if you wish to use Dineamic as a registered NDIS provider, you'll need to contact us at team@dineamic.com.au to get started.