What time can I expect my order to arrive?

Our delivery partners will send you a text message the night before the delivery with a link to track your order, which contains an ETA.

On the day of delivery, you can use this link to keep you updated on your order’s journey to you. You'll also receive a text to alert to when it has arrived. So, if you’re not home, you will know your Dineamic delivery is waiting for you.  

The ETA will continue to update, as there can be some unforeseen circumstances impacting the ETA, like traffic or weather. As such, the times we share for delivery are estimates, not exact times.

If your order has not arrived within the timeframe you've selected (e.g if it hasn't arrived by 6pm on a 7am to 6pm timeframe) please email us at team@dineamic.com.au and we’ll get back to you asap.