Why isn't my NDIS discount code working?

If you have an NDIS discount code that's not working, you might want to try the following steps.

Firstly, ensure your NDIS number is being entered in the discount field correctly.
Your order must be over $99 (before the discount is applied) for our system to accept it. This is to ensure the delivery fee is not charged and is also a known issue with our website. If you want to order less than $99, just give us a call to place your order.

Your discount is also linked to your email address in our system. Please ensure you're not using any other address.

When checking out on the website, it might be worth avoiding the PayPal express payment option. This bypasses the steps to validate your NDIS code. Paying via PayPal is fine, but you'll need to go through the check out on our website for it to work.

Finally, if your plan has ended recently, or we've had issues charging the balance of your order to the NDIA, your plan managers or otherwise, you'll need to get in contact with us to work out next steps.

If you've tried these steps and it's still not working, just give us a call and we can look into it for you on (03) 8669 0587, or email team@dineamic.com.au.