Will I lose weight eating Dineamic?

When combined with a healthy lifestyle our meals can assist with weight loss and reaching your health goals. 

Firstly, you might want to check out our meal plans here - which will help you get a good start!

Our menu is in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which is built on scientific evidence and research and backed by dietitians. This means our components and ratio of food groups are based on a minimum of two serves of vegetables, low saturated fat, good quality carbohydrates and lean protein. They also have no added sugar or preservatives and are low in calories. All of this works together to support you to reach your health and weight goals. We recommend trying our calorie-controlled meal plans to aid with weight loss also. 

When combined with a healthy active lifestyle, Dineamic meals can assist with weight loss or achieving your health goals. All our meals have a full nutritional breakdown on both the label and online, where you will find kilojoules, calories and dietaries to assist your needs.  

Here at Dineamic we back the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and stress the importance of not getting caught up in a fad diet. We believe that our meals can assist you not only with weight loss but a healthy maintainable lifestyle. Read more on the importance of nutrition over calories here.  

We have a team of Nutritionists who are always happy to help with further queries or nutritional advice, please get in touch via team@dineamic.com.au